• Deceptor

    There are two aspects of my life that I can't function without - sport and art. Through my pursuit of these disciplines I learned that physical and artistic boundaries are non-existent. I was a professional squash player when I began my studies, ranking 49 in the world. My peers maintained that it would be impossible for me to mix sport with art. Rising to the challenge, I applied the discipline of a professional sportsman to honing my skills as an artist. I decided to combine my two great passions by creating a design which completely reinvents the sport of Ping Pong, facilitating outdoor play. The faceted paddles, enable the player to execute trick shots while the geodesic balls fly through the air, unaffected by wind.
  • Food is the new frontier

    I am fascinated about the connection between food design and 3D printing. Historically design used to be static, now we are quickly closing the loop regarding the limits of disposable design. For example, creating a recipe from a cookbook and the next night tweaking just a little to recreate something similar yet wonderfully different.
  • 3D Selfie

    I call this my own version of the selfie or putting a new spin on the personalized business card. Nothing or no one is static as we can quickly transform organic every day objects into extraordinary simulacra of ourselves.
  • Sedona bench

    The infamous red rocks of Sedona are a well-known location for spiritual vortexes and mark the birthplace of the first Harmonic Convergence. To me, they symbolize one of the most inspiring surroundings in the USA for an artist and designer. The unique sandstone formations are illuminated in brilliant shades of red and orange; the most incredible graphic patterns have been formed after a millennia of native design. To me, this is one of Mother Nature's most brilliant creations. My interpretation of the peaks and plateaus takes a twisting turn to bridge the organic and the inorganic.
  • Mashup shoes

    Several years were spent designing and producing the content used to create the final mashup shoes. What's interesting to me is that every item that composes the make-up of the shoes is part of permanent museum collections around the world. By exploring new design frontiers and questioning the impossible, does 3D printing put the idea of what is permanent and what is not to question?
  • 1597

    After a crate full of prototypes and manual vertex pulling in 3D, 6 months later I created and produced my 1597 light. Fast-forward 7 years later and now we've advanced our technology so we can easily generate the design through code in minutes.
  • Visual communication with geometry

    An encounter with Balinese wood carvers inspired me to devise a unique 'test project' for the craftsmen. The results left me awestruck. I had always looked at 3D Printers only as production tools instead of a communication tool. Without a 3D printer it would have been impossible for me to explain the design without a physical example in their hands.
  • Lost luggage

    Finland, 1945. Without warning soldiers from the Soviet army forced my grandparents from their home by gunpoint. For years my mind has raced with the fear and bewilderment they must have felt abandoning their home and possessions. I've always thought, if you had to decide on an impulse what to take with you then what would your luggage look like in order to accommodate what you couldn't leave behind? What if luggage was obsolete? An antiquated thing of the past? Imagine if all we needed was scaled down to a digital file and simply reproduced at any location, then how would this change our relationship to physical objects?
  • Onitsuka Tiger Electric Tigerland

    Inspired by the dense and chaotic city life in Tokyo, my vision was to create the craziest psychedelic 3D mashup which resulted in this 1.5 meter long pulsating and glowing shoe for the Onitsuka Tigerland advertisement campaign



The EKOCYCLE Cube 3D Printer, 2014
Galerie VIVID, Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen, 2014
Catwalk Dorhout Mees F/W 2014-15 'Passage', 2014
Firestarters the series: #05 Wearable technology, 2014
I started my company with a completely bogus business plan, 2013
Introducing Cubify's First Ever 3D Printed Shoes, 2013
We want to put 3D printing in every home, 2013
Heineken Ideas Brewery - 48 Hours of Live Innovation - Teaser, 2012
Onitsuka Tiger - Electric Tigerland Animated Film, 2008

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